a dance in common (outside at night)

danced to incidental night sounds… regard the moon/sky regard the land surface area your feet soles connect with reach out with an arm, expecting a shoulder lean in tentatively, slightly share your body weight attentively,  receive body weight from another. linger here, listening for sounds of breath recover your weight/return theirs refresh with a sharp … Continued

a dance in common

danced with metronome ticking… get your base get your air get your bearings get your air get/give connection get/give support get/give care get/give closeness dissolve and change direction repeat. learn in pods of 4 or 8, linked like lattice

Review Human Ba La La

The transmutation of experience from Elsewhere. Nancy Mauro-Flude Sneak preview here: https://networkcultures.org/performanceofcode/2022/06/29/great-southern-dance-transmutation-of-experience-from-elsewhere/ Review | Dance Theatre at the Theatre Royal Studio Theatre Great Southern Dance (GSD) is a newly minted company on the Tasmanian performing arts landscape. Its first live production Human Ba La La is a contemporary dance work exploring how place and site can be simulated … Continued

Reflection on State Stories

May 2020 Reflection on STATE STORIES I kutalayna, Hunting Ground January 2020 Over a 5-day Scoping Phase in January 2020, Olivia McPherson and I developed solo material that visited multiple ‘state stories’, interior narratives that comprise ways of accounting for the rhythm of regulation, dysregulation and coregulation of an individual’s nervous system.  A ‘state story’ … Continued

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Great Southern Dance pays its respects to the original owners of the land upon which we work, the Muwinina and the Mumirimina people.

We acknowledge the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community as the continuing custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania) and honour Aboriginal Elders past and present. We value their history, culture and resilience and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded.

lutruwita milaythina Pakana – Tasmania is Aboriginal Land