HIERO 2024

INTERGENERATIONAL DANCE EXPERIENCE Conceived/directed by Felicity Bott with design direction by Paul Wakelam, this Great Southern Dance intergenerational dance production is created in collaboration with Mature Artists Dance Experience and four youth interns. Aged 13-76, Hiero’s cast of 20 dancers spans four generations. Combining a professional dance company with an Ensemble of 12 mature artists … Continued

Site Geist II 2022

“[…+THE BUILDINGS THEY ARE SLEEPING NOW]” LOCATIONTASparedarerme Cranbrook & Swansea Who are we? We are creative collaborators who launch our architecture and dance from within DEEPROOM, a processed-based 30-year active ‘archive’ formerly based in Perth, Western Australia and now based in Hobart, Tasmania. Our lead creatives are Paul Wakelam Architect and Felicity Bott of Great … Continued

Site Geist I 2022

“KEEP LISTENING UNTIL YOU FIND THE BEAUTY” LOCATIONTASkutalayna Hunting Ground Jordan River | nipaluna Hobart | premaydena Port Arthur & Sloping Main Who are we? We are creative collaborators who launch our architecture and dance from within DEEPROOM, a processed-based 30-year active ‘archive’ formerly based in Perth, Western Australia and now based in Hobart, Tasmania. … Continued

Human Ba La La 2022

Great Southern Dance Ever wanted a second chance? Ever wanted to go back to the beginning? Alternating between chaos and calm are four humans dancing for their lives and times. They’re pushing through with an open-hearted, full-bodied tackle of our ‘not-listening’, ‘not-seeing’ human traits. They’re looking out from the prison of their worldview onto breathtaking … Continued

Rivulet | nipaluna 2021

Great Southern Dance ‘Dancing the Rivulet’ | nipaluna Rivulet Residency: A Site-Responsive Dance Performance & Film Project April 12-18 2001 Tasmania’s newest professional dance company will ‘dance’ the nipaluna/Hobart Rivulet across 7 days starting at Cascades Gardens and ending in Hobart City Hall. Entitled Rivulet Residency, this is a Site-Responsive Dance Performance & Film Project taking … Continued

State Stories | Hunting Ground 2021

Great Southern Dance Launching and developing a new professional dance entity’s creative practice: State Stories is a highly significant project because, the company’s first artistic production and launched GSD’s creative practice. As such, it was the first project to test the company’s ideas about itself, which include: that it is interdisciplinary; that it can be … Continued

Corpora Lab 1999-2019

Corpora Lab consists of the collective ‘bodies of work’ of a group of artists who brought their respective practices to bear on joint projects in Western Australia and Tasmania across the years 1999-2019, prior to the formation of Great Southern Dance. Corpora Lab is dance-led. Choreography, architecture, design, story, lighting, film, original sound and music, … Continued

Brew 2017

Tasdance Curated by Felicity Bott, Brew was an intimate series of 8 short dance works created by each of the Tasdance ensemble members and Artistic Director for touring to small venues around Tasmania in early 2017. The program enabled touring state-wide a selection of brand new works made in Tasmania. Public performances happened in Wynyard, … Continued

Relax The Chimp 2016

Tasdance Relax the Chimp was an outdoor dance event that invited festival goers to dance, experiment, play and get physical whilst watching their own larger-than-life avatar dancing on the big screen. Created by Tasdance Artistic Director Felicity Bott and launched via a partnership with University of Tasmania, Relax the Chimp featured the University of Tasmania’s community and Launceston’s … Continued

Hal’cyon 2016

Tasdance Conceived by Felicity Bott, Hal’cyon was Tasdance’s first work as part of Dark Mofo. It was a 14-hour dance performance installation of sustained beauty and intensity, fueled by the solo dance offerings of over 40 professional, mature and youth performers. It took place June 20-21, 4:50pm – 7:40am (sunset to sunrise) at the Odeon … Continued

In The Dark 2010

Independant DWSTW STRUT, Dancehouse and Critical Path commissioned world renowned USA dancer and choreographer Deborah Hay, with Ros Warby acting as mentor, to work with ten Australian dance artists. Felicity Bott and Bianca Martin from WA will perform their solo adaptation of her work. WHAT DOES A BODY LOOK LIKE WHEN IT’S DANCING TO THE … Continued

Depth Charge 2008-2009

Buzz Dance Theatre Utterly steeped in the theme of transhumanism, Depth Charge presented choreography, character, set, narrative arc, music and light, Depth Charge filtered through a lens that was at once utopian and dystopian. Depth Charge was an in-theatre work for 7 performers that featured original and live music accompanied by motion capture audio visuals … Continued

Cinderella Dressed in Yella | Colour Wheel 2006-2009

Buzz Dance Theatre This dance theatre work used olour is a springboard for an immersive dance, sound and visual arts event that overtook entire schools when toured in Western Australia, and worked as a highly socially engaged presentation within festivals in Adelaide (COME OUT 2008) and Seoul (ASSITEJ 2009). Buzz Dance Theatre was dedicated to … Continued

Rabbit 2005-2008

Buzz Dance theatre Rabbit was inspired by the legendary curiosity of Alice in Wonderland and the celebrated absurdity of her journey down the rabbit hole. Harnessing fragments of of Alice’s story as catalysts for imagination, creativity and nostalgia, Rabbit blended object and costume design with dance theatre to convey the journey of an ‘Alice-wannabe’, She … Continued

Pretender 2005-2006

Buzz Dance Theatre Contemporary dance theatre work that investigated themes of play, pretending and pretension. Playing ‘pretend’ was linked to aspiration, competition and playing the fool. 8 characters are each ‘playing at something’ and creative chaos reigns. The production was nominated for 2 Helpmann Awards in 2006 including one for the full-length sound design by … Continued

Beat Cake 2004-2005

Buzz Dance Theatre ‘If the reaction from the young onesis a reliable indication, Beat Cake is a fully baked, satisfying show with all the ingredients necessary to amuse and divert while educating at the same time’. The West Australian Full-length original dance theatre work for children and young people, toured state-wide in Western Australia 2004-5. … Continued

Beat Routes 2004

Buzz Dance Theatre Full-length original dance in-theatre work premiered at the Playhouse Theatre in Western Australia in 2004. Original music created and played live on drum kit and sampler by musician Jo 19 (Sunshine Brothers). Mise en Scene by visual artist and academic Bec Dean. A Buzz Dance Theatre Production.

PowderMonkey | Real Boy Real Girl 2004

Steps Youth Dance Company Powdermonkey: Real Boy Real Girl was first trialled as a performance model uniting children and adults in 2002 with Felicity Bott, Leon Ewing and Setefano Tele during the large-scale youth dance incubator  in Fremantle Locomatrix for Step Youth Dance Company. The model was inspired by Romeo Castellucci and Chiara Guidi’s Experimental … Continued

Noir Revolver 2003

Steps Youth Dance Company ‘11 doomed sweethearts of subterfuge, countless broken fingernails and only one getaway car!’ This collaboration between Felicity Bott and Bec Dean mashed two female archetypes from 19th and 20th century art: the bell tutu-ed ‘willis’ from romantic ballets like Swan Lake, La Sylphide and Giselle with Hitchcock’s heroines in films such … Continued

Movement Safari 2003

Steps Youth Dance Company Movement Safari was a ground-breaking project in several ways. It saw Steps Youth Dance Company engage a youth ensemble of which 6 were paid (emerging artists who choreographed and performed) and 24 youth performers. Under the mentorship of experience professional performance makers, the six emerging artists created on the Steps youth … Continued

Girls Gear | Boys Breaks 2001-2002

Steps Youth Dance Company 34 youth dancers perform with original live music created and played by the Rhibosome trio of drummer/DJs on turntables, sampler, drum kit, congas and other percussion. Choreographed by: Felicity Bott, Bernie Bernard, Setefano Tele and Sandi Woo. “…with 15 boys and 20 girls, aged 12-20 years from secondary and post-secondarycontexts, this … Continued

Edge Test 2001

Steps Youth Dance Company ‘Play The Game’ by Setefano Tele presents a paper cut-out ‘gibberish community infatuated with quiz shows. The work takes the packaged competitive tension that has fueled interest in quiz shows since the beginning of television and brings it to a dance context: There are questions, answers and above all , a … Continued

2% | SUB missionary positions | the ORDINARY object thereof 2001

CORPORA 401 Corpora 401 received a development grant from ARTS WA and presentedthis showing at the Jack Sue Gallery. This grant allowed 3 weeks of intensive workshops between Corpora members with direction from Barry laing re working previous performances. Corpora 401 is a collaboration between Paul Wakelam, Felicity Bott, David Fussell, Barry Laing, Michael O’Brien … Continued

Calculating Hedonism 2001

CORPORA 201 Calculating Hedonism – ‘Stories from sober and temperate bodies’ – Perth, WA.Corpora201, presented this show at The Rachabites Hall and was technically assisted by the WA Fringe Festival 2001 and Gazebo 64 and was a part of prag/port/pert program. This program also consisted of Paul Gozola’s ‘Cut Piece’ and Czech Republic’s Kristyna Lhotakova … Continued

Belle Grave, Baby Be Brave 1999

CORPORA 999 Belle Grave – ‘Baby, be brave’ Performance Artrage Festival. Corpora 999, presented this show at Jack Sue Gallery and was funded as a part of the Artrage Festival 1999.Corpora 999 is a collaboration between Paul Wakelam, Felicity Bott, Marco Mona, David Fussell, Michael O’Brien, Eloise Bailey, and the publicity of Jude Leon and … Continued

What, I ask you, was that all about?. 1997

Independant What, I ask you, was that all about?. Film & Performance Duo created and performed by Felicity and Shannon Bott for Perth Institute’s ‘Dancers Are Space Eaters’ season in 1997. What, I Ask You Was That All About? is a ‘sister-act’ to the second movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto in A Minor. Set Design … Continued

Totem 1994

Steps Youth Dance Company Taking it’s name from anthropological understandings of ‘totem’, this work invited the youth performers to reflect back to audiences hypocrisies and pleasures of contemporary life. The design by Paul Wakelam and Ahmad Abas involved a large ‘motherload’ that descended from the fly tower and a smaller ‘hearth bed’ positioned downstage. Sound … Continued

History and the Seraph 1993

Independent New Choreographers A dance with spoken word and body percussion created for a season of independent new works at PICA in 1994, History and the Seraph was a feminist work for solo performer. The male voice and gaze were interrogated bodily and verbally. Text was adapted from Deborah Levy’s An Amorous Discourse in the … Continued

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Great Southern Dance pays its respects to the original owners of the land upon which we work, the Muwinina and the Mumirimina people.

We acknowledge the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community as the continuing custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania) and honour Aboriginal Elders past and present. We value their history, culture and resilience and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded.

lutruwita milaythina Pakana – Tasmania is Aboriginal Land