Echo Festival 2021

Great Southern Dance Body Mapping With History Performer Felicity Bott Photographer Paul Wakelam Deep Room

Women In Design18 2018

DWSTW Dream states seem to come into play this week as we turn the clocks back for daylight savings. Our Monday musings sees us throw back to the recent Women in Design Conference and Michelle Boyde and Feifei Feng’s exhibition ‘Dream Design’. Our Women in Design Social Dreaming Facilitator Susan Long – Director of Research … Continued

Hunting Ground 2019

DWSTW Mapping Body into Landscape playing with the idea of camera obscura. A camera obscura (pl. camerae obscurae or camera obscuras; from Latin camera obscūra ‘dark chamber’) is a darkened room with a small hole or lens at one side through which an image is projected onto a wall or table opposite the hole. Camera obscura can also refer to analogous constructions such as a box or tent in which an exterior image is … Continued

#11, #8, & #42 Video 2018

DWSTW #11, #8 & #42 of the fifty up series, a dance video ‘sketchbook’ created over the fifty days prior to 18.10.18. Dances: ‘Bare Arms’, ‘Madonna’ and ‘Bean Balls’ improvisations videoed on September 8 & 5 and October 9 respectively. Location: Residence in Brougham Street West Launceston, Tasmania Comment: The big takeout from this ‘esquisse’ … Continued

Dark Pointe 2018

DWSTW Roaming Performance during Dark Mofo Photography by Paul Wakelam

Hiding Film Study Series 2018

Tasdance The ‘age of screens’ has changed the production and consumption of culture irrevocably, particularly for dance, arguably the most ephemeral of art forms. Over the next three years, Tasdance is embarking on a ‘body-to-screen’ project to explore the ways human movement, human form and dance translate to screen. This project commenced at the beginning … Continued

Dancing With Ducks 2018

DWSTW Dances With Ducks: #13 of the Fifty Up series, a dance video ‘sketchbook’ created by Felicity Bott over the fifty days prior to 18.10.18. Dance: 2 x 2-minute improvisations entitled River, September 10, 2018 Location: Tailrace Park by Tamar River in Launceston, Tasmania Comment: I had listened to Daft Punk’s ‘Doin’ It Right’ in … Continued

Exposure – ‘Shock the Body’ 2017

Tasdance Exposure (proffessional development hub), dance summer workshops January 25th 2017 at the Tasdance Studio by Artistic Director Felicity Bott. Photography Anne Reed.

Red Dress Day I 2009

DWSTW Photography Mayu Kinamori Paddington Reservoir Gardens is bounded by Oxford Street opposite Underwood Street and Perry Lane, Paddington. The gardens incorporate the former Paddington Reservoir, which is on the NSW State Heritage Register. The reservoir was part of Sydney’s third water supply system, and was designed to contain water pumped from Lords Dam at … Continued

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Great Southern Dance pays its respects to the original owners of the land upon which we work, the Muwinina and the Mumirimina people.

We acknowledge the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community as the continuing custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania) and honour Aboriginal Elders past and present. We value their history, culture and resilience and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded.

lutruwita milaythina Pakana – Tasmania is Aboriginal Land